Fan Maintenance – Clean Your Fan

Why we need to clean our fan? In many situations, fan performance decline is largely because of contaminants build-up on fan blades and other system surfaces. Fans that operate in particulate-laden or high-moisture airstreams, should be clean regularly. A fan cover in dust dose not work efficiently, eventually to mold, mildew and possibly a house …

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Ventilation Fan And COVID-19

The Importance Of Ventilation Under The Circumstance Of COVID-19 Currently, total cases globally are nearly 500 million and total deaths are over 6 million. Under such circumstance, how to protect ourselves from the virus is vital. The official study indicated that the risk of getting COVID-19 is higher in crowded and inadequately ventilated spaces where …

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Basic Maintenance Of Fans

What Are the Common Maintenance Of Fan Systems? The common maintenance on fan systems includes five parts: Periodic inspection of all system components The most costly consequence of improper maintenance is unscheduled downtime. In order to minimize such cost, the basic system maintenance should be performed at reasonable intervals, the length of which should be …

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